Can the Toronto Raptors make the most of Scotty Lewis?

The Toronto Raptors You are expected to pick a player who is ready to make an immediate impact in the #4 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. While that may be the case, this opens up the opportunity to take a shot at projects with raw talent through one of their picks in the second round. Florida winger Scotty Lewis might be exactly who the Raptors are looking for in the second round.

Lewis, currently ranked 63rd as the best draft player CBS And the 80 by ESPN, He decided to forgo his junior season in Florida and instead announced the NBA draft. The Raptors have already shown somewhat of an interest as Lewis was one of six prospects they did Toronto on Wednesday.

After graduating from high school, Louis was a 5-star recruit and ranked seventh Rankings 247 for 2019. names like lamillo ballAnd Tyrese Maxey and Patrick Williams rank below him.

Upon entering college, Lewis was seen as a sure pick for the lottery. Unfortunately for Lewis, his college career has been frustrating, to say the least, as he Average Only 8.2 points and 3.4 rebounds per game, all while shooting 44% from the field and 34% from 3.

While Louis confesses It did not live up to expectations. He believes it was a situational issue, and playing with players dominant on the ball like his 2021 teammate Tre Mann didn’t give him a chance to shine. With Lewis’ stockpile low, can Toronto pounce on the opportunity to pick its top former recruits?

Can Scotty Lewis get to the roof of his house with the Toronto Raptors?

Lewis is a great athlete and appears on both ends of the earth. When attacking, Lewis shows his explosive power by being able to fly by defenders and is able to finish off the edge to the best of their ability. He makes a great winger scorer, as his athletic style allows him to escape from the defense’s point of view for easy cuts on the edge.

In defense, Lewis has made a name for himself. His lateral speed is incredible and prevents opponents from overtaking him. Lewis showed great hands in defense as he averaged 1.6 match steals. His crazy vertical helps him rival shots and even helps him average a block per game in the two seasons he spent in Florida.

In college, Lewis didn’t show the same aggression on offense as he did on defense. He refused to shoot the ball at times, even when he looked great. This was a surprising sight given the hype surrounding him as a marksman entering college. When he was aggressive, he showed great promise as a top scorer on all three levels, but those moments seemed very inconsistent.

Lewis was relegated to the bench during his time at Gainesville. If the SEC is so hard on him at times, how will he hold up in the pros?

Lewis is very similar to the Raptor Norman Powell dropping out of college. like PowellLewis is an athletic winger with a lot of untapped potential entering the draft.

Lewis from the prospective teams loves the teams participating in the second round Many teams prefer to deal with sports freaks in the hope that their crew can develop the player’s game. Pair Lewis’ raw talent with the Raptors’ trainers, and this just might be another local gem that Toronto developed.

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