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McLaren must not be worn by the recent F1 form – Seidl | F1

Lando Norris disqualified both Mercedes drivers in the second race in Red Bull Ring, misses pole position to Max Verstappen.

Norris lost to Bottas through the pit stop phase in Austria, but overtook Lewis Hamilton on the track after he damaged the back of his car from a curb by turning 10.

While McLaren enjoyed its strongest weekend of the season, Seidl has stressed that it must not get carried away.

“There is no point in seeing things that are not there,” Seidl said. “You have to be realistic, and if you, for example. Seeing the race last weekend and we’re here on the same track a weekend later, we had no chance to fight these four cars. There was a big hole.

“So we knew we would get a better car compared to last weekend, but we could not expect that we could actually fight them like that. At the same time, we do not know what problems they have experienced: especially Mercedes. ”

Seidl says McLaren’s appearance in Austria will not change the picture for the rest of the season.

“We know exactly where we stand as a team, we know what the deficit is. We know what the deficit is still by the team in terms of infrastructure and so on, “added Seidl. “So it is not a surprise that we are where we are. We are traveling. We have a clear plan for how we will reduce this deficit, and it will take some years, but the good thing is that we are taking steps.

“We are ambitious, but there is no magic, and I simply think it is always good to have a sense of realism and not be carried away by results like Austria, which are good and give good energy to the team. But it does not change the picture, the realistic picture we have in terms of where we are. ”


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