NFL insiders rank Frank Ragnow as the league’s No. 1 center

Frank Ragnow is no longer a secret to the rest of the NFL. That Detroit Lions center made Pro Bowl last year, and the Lions rewarded his three-year game with a grand four-year extension of $ 54 million this offseason. Now he earns national praise from experts across the league.

ESPN has been running a series over the last few weeks with the breakdown of the top 10 players in each position, based on polls from league staff. They reportedly surveyed 50 people ranging from league leaders to scouts and players. On Sunday, they unveiled their collective list for the top 10 interior offensive linemenand Frank Ragnow was fourth on the list.

“He can run the whole line, good communicator, takes pressure from the quarterback, athletic enough to pull, can play guard if you need to,” said an NFC scout. “Some centers can not do that. He’s probably the most versatile center right now. ”

Ragnow actually played guard during his rookie season. However, his career really took off when the Lions moved him back to his college position at the center. He ranked sixth among centers with a PFF rating of 74.9 in 2019 and second (80.3 class) in 2020.

And while he was fourth among inside offensive linemen, he was the league’s highest-ranked center in ESPN’s poll. Perhaps even more impressively, among the 50 employees surveyed, each one had him in their top 10 domestic offensive lineouts, with the lowest vote being 10th and the highest being second.

At 25, Ragnow may be the player on the Lions list with the brightest future.

His lineman Taylor Decker played up ESPN’s top 10 tackle list, but as an honorable mention. ESPN added a quote with a word from an anonymous NFL employee on Decker who simply said “underrated.”

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