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World War Z review, classes and gameplay

To know Interactive‘s COOPERATION action games offer what we have been missing in the zombie genre. Here is yours World War Z Review if you need some zombie killing actions.

What is World War Z?

World War Z came out on April 26, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It was developed by To know Interactive who also worked on GLORY, Crysis Remastered, SnowRunner, and many other great video games. Based on the 2013 film and the 2006 book of the same name, World War Z allows players to take on the role of various survivors during a zombie outbreak.

The game also offers various settings around the world such as New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Jerusalem, and Marseille. With seven different classes and different characters, World War Z is delivered with a successful TPS action enriched with types of equipment, class advantages and a wide range of weapons. It also manages to stand out from your average zombie killing game thanks to its horde feature.

World War Z gameplay

The game’s physics engine is capable of supporting 1000 zombies on the screen running over and climbing on top of each other. This allows the gameplay to be much more cinematic and immersive.

Thanks to its COOPERATION mode, players usually find themselves shooting at hundreds of zombies while also trying to complete a specific mission. Winning features like these make the game a solid choice in the zombie genre.

World War Z classes

There are seven classes that players can choose from when starting another match. Each class has its own benefits and starts with a different set of equipment.

Similar to Battlefield multiplayer, the more you play with a class, the more experience points you get. The time you spend with a class allows you to further improve your equipment and perks.

  • Hellraiser: Stars with a shotgun along with C4 and a grenade launcher.
  • Gunslinger: Starts with a compact SMG and frag grenades.
  • Fixer: Starts with a scout rifle in addition to a supply bag to provide members with ammunition. Also has a masking gas grenade.
  • Medicine: Starts with a compact SMG and a stun gun in addition to a fellow kit and acts as a healer for the team.
  • Extinction: Starts with a shotgun and also has a Molotov cocktail or a clay mine to blow up damaged area.
  • Slasher: Starts with a compact SMG and a stun gun to slow down special enemies.
  • Dronemaster: Starts with a scout rifle and has a quadrocopter as equipment.

You’re usually in the center of New York City with three of your friends fighting hordes of zombies. With great graphics and immersive shooting game, World War Z manages to receive a great score. Although it feels repetitive from time to time, the title is certainly great for those who enjoy the zombie genre and a fun few hours.

Next generation update and FPS mod is on the way

The developer is currently focusing on the new and improved version of the game. Titled World War Z Aftermath, the update will offer an FPS mode in addition to new equipment and weapons. Xbox Series X | S and PS5 owners are also getting a next-generation update to fight zombies in higher resolution and better textures.

Our World War Z review ends here as we recommend the game to players who enjoy brutal zombie killing with lots of locations, characters and weapons.


Benefits of World War II

  • Fantastic horde feature allows hundreds of zombies to run on the player, resulting in immersive gameplay.
  • Lots of different weapons and overall successful perks
  • Rich gameplay thanks to different classes, locations and sets of equipment

Disadvantages of World War Z

  • Feels repetitive after long hours of play
  • Level tasks are tedious

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