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Welcome to another edition of 6-Banner Sunday, a co-production of Assembly call And the inside the hall Where we highlight the top five essential stories about IU basketball in the past week, as well as a look at how other IU sports programs have performed.

We’re just over a month away from the show’s two-game trip from Indiana to the Bahamas, but the headline news last week centered on recruiting and the Big Ten rosters continued to take shape.

This week saw the first of three evaluation periods in July for college coaches to assess prospects with their popular teams. The Indiana coaching staff came out in full force at events in Atlantic City, Birmingham and Atlanta.

Additionally, the week brought a new scholarship offer in the 2023 class, updated pre-season arrangements for the 2021-22 season and the IU player debuted on his vlog featuring some behind-the-scenes looks on the show.

On this week’s episode of the podcast On the BrinkJoin Alex Bosic and Kyle Ndenrip of The Indianapolis Star to discuss CJ Gunn’s development and inner talent in the 2022 and 2023 chapters. On this week’s Gathering Call RadioCoach Tonsoni and Andy Bottoms smashed both the name, image, and epitome of Insanity.

All that and more in this week’s edition of 6-Banner Sunday.

• Miller Cobb launched his IU Basketball Vlog
• Indiana in the top 25 in pre-season singles rankings
• 2023 2023 Gabe Cupps goalkeeper earns IU . bid
• Five-star prospect Galen Washington picks North Carolina
• The top ten lists continue to take shape
• Hoosier news report

Banner #1 – Miller Kopp has started posting his IU Basketball Vlog

While he is a newcomer to the program, Miller Cobb is already moving to Northwestern as part of Mike Woodson’s senior squad in Bloomington.

Kopp, who played for three seasons under Chris Collins at Northwestern, recently joked that he would be posting his vlog featuring behind-the-scenes content from IU’s summer rehearsals.

this week, Kopp presented the first episode of the vlog Via his Twitter and Instagram accounts. The first part, which is just under four minutes long, features several IU players and also features a Kopp shooting exercise.

Given the strong response from Indiana fans, it will be interesting to see where Kopp decides to score the vlog in the coming weeks and months.

Banner #2 – Indiana in the top 25 in pre-season singles ranking

The deadline for withdrawing from the NBA draft was passed this week and in the aftermath, Several very early pre-season rankings have been updated for the upcoming season.

The most notable of those ratings from IU’s perspective came from Andy Katz of NCAA.com and BTN, who placed the Hoosiers at number 22 on his strength rating of 36.

According to Katz, “Trace Jackson-Davis should thrive under Mike Woodson. IU is my sleeper’s choice for deep running.”

John Rothstein also updated the top 45 preseason and included Indiana at number 33. Other Big Ten programs in Rothstein’s rankings include Purdue (6), Michigan (7), Maryland (16), Ohio State (19), Michigan State (27) Illinois (34) and Rutgers (36).

In addition, ESPN.com and CBSSports.com updated their pre-season ratings, which did not include Indiana. Bart Turvik’s computer rankings currently have Hoosiers number 30 nationally.

Banner #3 – 2023 guard Gabe Cupps earns an IU offer

Indiana jumped to recruit Centerville (Ohio) guard Gabe Cupps This week with a scholarship offer.

As a sophomore, he led Cupps Centerville to the state championship and averaged 15.2 points, 4.9 assists, and 1.7 steals per game. He made 35 percent of 3s and hit 82 percent of the free throw line.

His father, Brooks Cobbs, is the coach in Centerville. Highlights of his performance in the state championship match Definitely worth checking out.

Banner #4 – Galen Washington, prospective five-star in-state, picks North Carolina

The state’s best potential client in the 2022 class made his college decision Friday night.

Galen Washington in Gary West He chose North Carolina and became the first five-star commitment of new coach Hubert Davis.

Indiana Washington recruited under Archie Miller, but hasn’t been able to get him on campus since changing training from Miller to Mike Woodson. Washington made official visits to North Carolina and Stanford in June after the moratorium on visits was lifted.

With Washington’s commitment to North Carolina, four of Indiana’s top 150 players have now made college commitments.

Banner #5 – The Top 10 Lists Continue to Take Shape

It might be July, but The Big Ten list movement continues to happen on an almost daily basis.

Last week we learned that:

• Marcus Carr (MN) is in the transit gate and thinks of Louisville, Kentucky, Kansas and Texas.
• Kofi Cockburn (Illinois) is also at the transfer gate and can return to Champaign but is also considering other options.
• Ohio State landed a Louisiana transfer deal Cedric Russell to help fill the departure of Duane Washington Jr.
• Added Nebraska State transfer Alonzo Verge Arizona.
• Geo Baker and Ron Harper, Jr. return to Rutgers.

While the Big Ten rosters have mostly formed in 2021-22, there will likely be a few twists and turns before fall starts next month.

Banner No. 6 – Hozier Report

Tom Allen got another big commitment this week
Highly touted WR is looking to make its mark in Bloomington
IU Cross Country announces 2021 schedule
An incoming freshman received the Gatorade Illinois Award for Best Track and Field Player
Nine IU swimmers on the rolls after the ISL draftودة
A total of 20 Indiana University baseball players from the 2021 squad will participate in the Summer Collegiate Baseball Leagues
Clancy, Dabagia named WGCA All-American Scholars

Thank you for your continued support of The Assembly Call. We’ll be back next weekend with a new news report.

Now go and enjoy one of the 6 banners.

– Jerrod Morris and Alex Bozic…Co-writers this week!

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