“Exaggerated players continue to play for Pakistan” criticizes Ramiz Raja

Lahore: Former cricketer Ramiz Raja criticized Pakistan’s cricket team after losing the series to England’s second-team on Saturday.

England led by Ben Stokes beat Babar Azam’s Pakistan by 52 points per second ODI at Lords to advance 2-0 in the three-match series.

Raja criticized the team for its sub-par strength and expressed its disappointment on its YouTube channel. “If you define the defeat of this series on the Richter scale, the shock value will contribute to the clock. It is a huge blow and I don’t understand how one can defend it. It is England’s No. 2 team in terms of talent.”

“If you take out Ben Stokes, not a single player from the team that beat Pakistan will be selected in the England regular team in the near future. We are talking about a Majid County team that defeated Pakistan. People underestimated them and were hoping for an ODI series win in England. But look how it turned.” Things are so that Pakistan is now under the threat of bleaching.”

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Raja questioned the choice of the team and highlighted the sadness of the Pakistani fans, explaining that the team is losing their love and support.

“I saw their sad faces in the face of the Lord. They take pride in Pakistan cricket but we have lost their love and strength. Their presence in England, Australia and even South Africa is diminishing as their expectations are fading.”

“How much time should coaches be given before judging their performance? A very terrible choice.” Raja added that some of the overrated players continue to play for Pakistan.

And Raja concluded by saying: Enough, the team is not improving.

“I don’t understand how to support this team. We expect them to improve in some areas and learn from their mistakes. But that’s enough. The fans are sad and they have a chance to make big changes in the team or else the season will be difficult.

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