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Posted on July 9, 2021

by Cheryl Coward

Chicago Sky guard Allie Quigley, a two-time winner of the WNBA 3-point competition during the All-Star Game, tops the list of four players who will battle for the title in Las Vegas on Wednesday, July 14.

Joining Quigley on the field will be Connecticut striker Sun Junkel Jones, Seattle Storm goalkeeper Jeel Lloyd and New York Liberty goalkeeper Sammy Whitcombe. This marks Quigley’s fourth 3-point competition, who also ran in 2019. She won the event at the 2018 All-Star Game in Minneapolis and the 2017 All-Star Game in Seattle. Jones, Lloyd and Whitcombe will compete for the first time.

The competition takes place live on ESPN during the first half of the 2021 AT&T WNBA All-Star (7PM ET / 4PM PT).

Rules (provided by the WNBA):

competition form

  • Four players will compete in a timed two-round archery competition.
  • Ball racks were positioned in five main firing positions around a three-point arc.

o Four of the racks hold four official WNBA game balls and one “money” ball.

o WNBA game balls are worth 1 point. The “money” ball is worth two points.

o For each rack, the “Money” ball can only be released after the 4 WNBA game balls are released.

  • The fifth shelf will be a special “All Money” shelf. Each contestant will decide where this rack will be located in one of the five main filming locations. Each ball on this rack is worth 2 points.
  • Two spherical pillars were placed in deep imaging locations called the “dew zone™”, one between racks 2 and 3 and the other between racks 3 and 4. (See attached drawing for reference.)

o Each ball base holds a special ball known as the “three ball”.

o Shots made with the “three ball” are worth 3 points.

  • Players must exhaust the ball mounts and pedestals in order of competition before moving on to the next shooting location.
  • Players may not start on or above the three-point line while shooting. The basket will not be counted if the streak is violated. For the two additional deep shots, the player must begin his or her shooting movement with at least one foot in the “dew zone” designated by a land label.
  • Instant Replay At the judgment’s discretion, immediate return may be used to demonstrate compliance with the rules.

The specified time

  • Each contestant has 70 seconds (1:10) To shoot as many 27 balls as possible.

first round

  • The order of the competition will be determined by random drawing.
  • The two players with the highest score qualify for the final round.

First round TIEBREAKER

  • In the event of a tie to determine the participants in the final round, its duration is 30 seconds The tiebreak will be performed using the same contest format described above. If necessary, this process will be repeated until the tie is broken.

Final Round

  • Two players will compete in the final round.
  • The order of competition for the final round will be determined in the inverse order of the results of the first round (eg the player with the lowest score in the first round among the players who moved forward first in the final round).


  • In the event of a tie to determine the champion, a period of full 70 seconds (1:10) The tie will be broken. If necessary, this process will be repeated until the tie is broken.

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