Golf Business News – Introducing the new PGA’s Golf Business Quarterly magazine

The PGA is pleased to introduce Golf Business Quarterly (GBQ), an all-new magazine aimed at professionals in the golf industry.

GBQ will provide a comprehensive view of the golf business and provide readers with thought leadership applicable to all disciplines in the golf industry.

The magazine will feature the golf industry’s biggest voices. It will include in-depth interviews and provide real-world analysis of key data on topics such as engagement, game growth, retail, tours played, and more. This data will be backed up by experts providing feedback on what it means, helping golf industry professionals make better informed decisions.

GBQ will stand alone in the market with the ability to speak to all influential figures in the British, Irish, European, Middle East, Far East and North American golf industries.

The magazine will be sent to PGA members as well as new PGA members business management group And the Club volunteer Collection In both print and digital format. We make the first edition completely free on a digital basis, to interact with the broader golf industry. To access the free digital version of GBQ click here.

PGA works closely with creative agency to produce GBQ collaboratively, with the help and guidance of a working group that includes a number of prestigious golf industry professionals who offer a range of perspectives.

Commenting on the first issue of GBQ, Robert Maxfield, CEO of PGA, said: “We are delighted to present our new Golf Business Quarterly magazine for the golf industry.

“This new quarterly magazine will become the premier magazine for the business of golf. It will be filled with high-level content that spans the industry, researching the big issues that affect us all in pursuing a career in golf.

“We want to be at the forefront of golf and instigate discussions about how to move our game forward. While our name appears on the cover, it is intentionally not included in the magazine title. GBQ is very presumed to be “neutral.”

The first issue takes an in-depth look at the opportunity for women’s participation to grow. Packed with data, it features interviews with the likes of European Ping Director Lisa Lovat, women’s sports pioneer Sue Anstis (MBE) and the inspiring story of international rugby international Maggie Alfonsi (MBE) explaining how golf can learn from rugby in a number of areas, including participation and inclusion .

click here Learn more about the Golf Business Quarterly and read the digital edition of the first edition for free.

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