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Secretary of Naval Defense allows CB Cameron Kenley to play at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

ascending angle Cameron Kinley His application to play in the NFL was granted to Tampa Bay BuccaneersDefense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced Tuesday.

Austin announced in a statement that he has approved a plan by the Department of the Navy to enlist Kenley in the Inactive Ready Reserve “for the duration of his football career.” This news comes after Kenley asked to postpone his assignment to the Navy to play in the NFL It was initially rejected.

“Upon the completion of his playing time, we look forward to welcoming him back into the ranks as a naval officer,” Austin said in the statement. “In the meantime, we know that Cameron will seize every opportunity on and off the field to ably represent the Navy and the Army to the American people and to assist us in our recruitment efforts. I applaud the Navy leadership for finding this way to showcase both Cameron’s athletic prowess, as well as the quality and professionalism of our student-athletes and staff.”

Kinley had released a statement earlier on Tuesday that Austin had informed him that he would be allowed to attend a training camp with the Buccaneers.

“I deeply appreciate Secretary Austin’s decision and am excited to represent our wonderful military in the National Football League,” Kenley said in a statement on Tuesday. “The past month has been challenging and I am grateful to everyone who has supported me in any way.”

Kinley thanked the NFL Players Association, the NFL Bureau and Senator Marco Rubio, of Florida, among others in his statement.

Rubio wrote a letter to President Joe Biden urging him to help Kenley delay his assignment to the Navy so that he can attend a training camp with the pirates.

“I am confident that Cameron will well represent the Navy in the NFL, just as he has done as an outstanding athlete and chapter president at the Naval Academy,” President Biden said in a statement Tuesday. “After his NFL career ends, he will continue to make us proud as a US Navy SEAL.”

Kinley was not given an explanation for Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas W. Harker’s refusal to send Kinley’s delay package to the Secretary of Defense and was told he could not appeal the decision.

After the Navy’s decision, Kinley, of Memphis, wrote a letter to Senator Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee, to help her approach the Navy to change its decision.

“I’m glad he’s going to have a chance to prove himself,” former Marine runner Keenan Reynolds, who was drafted into the sixth round by Baltimore Ravens In 2016 he played two games with Seattle Seahawks In 2018, ESPN’s Jenna Lynn told. “There is no better person to grant the exception than Cam. He fits the law perfectly.”

Kinley, a team captain in the Navy and class president, signed as a freelancer with the pirates and participated in the team’s rookie junior camp with permission from the Navy. In that little camp he intercepted a pass thrown by the Buccaneers quarterback Kyle Trask.

“I thought he showed promising signs when he was here,” Boss coach Bruce Aryan said of Kenley.


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