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Think Game Thursday: The best way to start your solo move

Outstanding playmakers have the ability to beat one defender and draw in a second to unlock themselves or their teammates. Find out how to do it in today’s video with PGC Director Marke Freeman.

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go giver

A few years ago, I posted a blog about 10 of my favorite books Covering topics such as leadership, growth and basketball. Ten seemed like an impossible number to narrow down – given my growing library. However, it was not difficult to putgo giverWritten by Bob Borg and John David Mann, is at the top of that list. I received this book from my teacher, and the powerful ideas the book shares are now part of my daily life (along with the sequel, “The Go Givers More”). While the book doesn’t offer great basketball or agility drills (because that’s the message), I’ve found instant connections between Go Giver and the kind of leaders we’re trying to teach, build, and shape at PGC.

I certainly don’t want to give up on each of the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success, but here’s a brief summary of the book and its relationship to being a true leader and leader – on and off the field:

  • value creation: Every great leader constantly asks himself or herself the following questions: Do my actions serve the group? Do my actions create value for my basketball team? A true Go giver finds many ways to answer this “yes” question – frequently and on a daily basis. Each guard should be able to replicate the same feelings as well. Besides the midfielder in football, there may not be any other position in the sport where the player must be able to answer this question both on and off the field. It is the responsibility of the base to prepare his teammates in the most productive manner by providing them with easy shots and scoring opportunities while also being a scoring threat. Point guards also hold the unofficial captain’s title on most basketball teams. You have to find a way to create value for your team. The more talent and skills you have, the more value you add to your team. The first and main law is: “Your true value is determined by how much more value you give than you pay.” Do you provide value to your team or do you take from your teammates and expect them? Use these next few months over the summer to find ways to add value to your team through your tangible skills and intangible leadership qualities.
  • Do more and more: This is a basic “must have” that every great leader understands. Favorite Quote Dina Evans Used to share with athletes “To whom much is given, much is required”. As the primary keeper, you are expected to do more; Given the natural responsibilities of a guard, but what other “extras” do you participate in on a daily basis? Do you clean your team’s bench after every basketball game? Do you show up early and leave late every day for basketball practice? Do you communicate more than anyone else on your basketball team? Sure, it can be exhausting to constantly “do more”, but you will reap the rewards the more value you have in the lives of many people. Your teammates will be impressed by your dedication and coaches and teachers will appreciate your approach as it makes their lives easier. When it comes time for Coach Smith or Mrs. Jackson to provide you with a reference or help you land a job, expect a glowing recommendation and a very helpful hand. In Go Giver, it is referred to as “An army of roving personal ambassadors who are personally invested in seeing you succeed.” do more and Extra should control the way you approach your game and your life.
  • first for othersLeadership is largely about impact. What is your positive impact on others? At the core of every great leader is a server-like approach to ensuring that the needs of everyone in the group are met. Service leadership certainly requires more, but when you put the interest of others first, you show them your passion for their success. Of the five laws are the following: “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you put the interests of others first.”. Do you have a “me first” or “we first” approach for your team? When you go shooting or take part in a skill development exercise, do you do it alone, or do you have a teammate with you? Do you embrace your teammates with positive enthusiasm despite malpractice on your part, or are you just interested in how You are on feeling, what You are on and how you do You are on play? When you put other people’s interests first, you are telling them that you have a sincere and deep interest in their improvement and desire to reach new goals.

I encourage you to check out both Go Giver and Go Giver sell more. Whether you’re a coach, parent, or athlete, this book can (and will) have an immediate, positive impact on your life.

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