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Wakelin make good on the crucible pledgeتعهد

World number 60 Chris Wakelin says he’s fulfilling his vow to lose weight and gain fitness in the wake of his Betfred World Championship campaign.

The rugby man showed great determination and determination by qualifying for the Crucible and maintaining his professional standing in the process. His place in the ring was left hanging by a thread at 5-3 in front of China’s Lei Peifan in the opening round, but he overturned it to emerge a 6-5 winner.

Wakelin faced his close friend David Gilbert at the Theater of Dreams, but was kicked out of the event in a 10-4 defeat. In his post-match press conference, Wakelin vowed to lose weight before next season.

We caught up with him to see how he’s progressing and find out how he feels before next season…

Chris, how do you think about your performance in Crucible against David Gilbert?

“I was frustrated when Dave went into the draw, because we are such good mates. We didn’t even talk about the match, but after the match he said he was glad I qualified and really proud of the way I did. That was a very nice little touch, because he didn’t have to say anything. He knows how hard it is to get there and how much that means.

“At the press conference, I told Radio 5 Live, I didn’t really feel like I was in the best shape. Although my preparation at the table was great, I didn’t have the best preparation away from it. Just seeing the way Dave presents himself and the look he is.” On it, it made me realize this might be the next step for me. I’ve vowed to change things up and go back to a weight I’m happy with. I think it will definitely help my game move forward as well. I made a promise to myself in front of the camera and the radio that I would be different in terms of my fitness at The start of this season.

“I’ve been doing cardio, weights and running. I travel about 20-25 kilometers a week. Like everyone else, I spend a lot of time on my phone and social media. That’s going to be the next thing I do, remove all those drains on my time. Something you can’t Create or earn is time. Everyone has a set amount of time to do things and that’s it. The more time you spend looking at the trash on your phone, the less time you spend going out and doing things.”

What made you realize that you spend so much of your time on the Internet?

“Social media is a great addition to your life, if you control it. The problem with social media is that you don’t control it. The apps themselves dictate what you see and who you see posts from. It’s an engine that learns from you and discovers how to keep you engaged. Everything social media does It’s finding ways to save your time.It’s fighting to get your attention for as long as possible.

“If I were to get up in the morning and go straight to the gym, I’d probably get a full session during the time you take to go through messages and notifications. Time is so precious, especially these days. I think wasting it on social media won’t do you any good in the long run. “.

51150183907 9096b7e285 b -How did you manage to call this triple-frame to win 5-3 to Lei Peifan in the first round with your professional status on the line?

“When I look back on that match I can’t describe what really happened. I don’t remember much at all about how the match went. I just remember thinking I was barely missing the ball to be 5-3 behind. He played out of his skin. I found something inside of me. He says I have to keep digging, keep pushing and trying to achieve something. I was over the moon to cross. It looked like a free lap in the last round. I never felt as comfortable in a match as I did in that match with Xiao Guodong, which I won 10-7 to qualify After going through two painful survival matches, I felt the sparkle in that match.

“All the work I’ve done in the months leading up to the event has paid off. I’ve been training with the likes of David Gilbert and Mark Selby. I must also say that Joe Perry and Stuart Bingham have really given me a lot of time and allowed me to learn from them and test myself. I’ve done really well in those matches.”

You were present at the last session of the final to see your friend Mark Selby beat Shawn Murphy 18-15. How much inspiration do you have to reach the end of the championship business on your own?

“It’s funny that watching Mark play in the World Final was the first live final I ever watched. I’ve never played in one and never seen anyone get the trophy, which is weird after eight years of being a pro. Mark is a good friend of mine and he was a It’s great to see him win his fourth world title. Nobody deserves it more. He’s got a lot of stick because of the way he plays the game, but the more I learn about snooker, the more I realize he’s the smartest player ever. He’s not slow and not boring. I’ve had matches where I’ve just stared at the table and don’t know what to do. If I watch Mark go through this thought process, he constantly builds a picture of what the best shot was. Seeing him raise the cup was inspiring. Obviously I wish I’d been in the final, but The second best player was to be there to support Mark. I was really happy for him.

“One of my main goals is to go on a big tour of the tournament. Getting to the finals and semi-finals should be one of my goals. I want to push myself into unfamiliar territory. That is why I am getting leaner. I am stronger than I have been physically and mentally in this.” The time last year. There are a lot of good things on and off the table and I have a lot of positivity. I really think the good times are coming.”

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