Tokyo Olympics: No bronze medal match in hockey if a finalist is forced out due to COVID

Losing hockey players might get a chance Olympic gold in Tokyo Games If a qualified team is forced out due to COVID-19, the affected team’s opponent in the fourth round will be promoted to the top match. This is spelled out in the Games Sports Regulations (SSR) that were revealed on Sunday. The SSR was jointly developed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Federations (IFs) to determine and manage the impact of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case on competition formats and structures.

“at hockeyTeams unable to compete due to COVID-19 will not be disqualified and will be marked as DNS (not started). In the event that a team in the knockout stages is unable to compete due to COVID-19, the minimum ranking achieved will be protected and, if time permits, their opponent will advance to the next round.”

Therefore, if a team is unable to participate in the final, the team that has been eliminated by the team affected by COVID-19 will be brought to the final to compete for the medal on the field of play.

“The other winner of the losing semi-finals will be awarded the Bronze Medal,” as per the regulations established for hockey. However, the regulations did not specify what would be the likely scenario if the two qualifying teams were affected by the virus. Nor did he specify what would happen if COVID-19 ended up affecting even the losing semi-finalists. India competes in men’s and women’s hockey competitions. Last month, the IOC’s Executive Board emphasized the three main principles of providing consistency across sports where possible while developing the guidelines.

The principles the IOC took into account were that “no athlete or team should be classified as ‘ineligible’ for reasons of COVID-19, instead, ‘Not Started (DNS)’ or an equivalent designation for the sport will be used.” The use of athletes or the team can not participate in the competition.”

“The minimum player/team score will be protected, given the stage of the competition at which they cannot compete.” Or a team…”


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has developed the SSR as an emergency measure that will be activated if a confirmed COVID case is reported in any sport to ensure the smooth running of events. The Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to be held from July 23 to August 8 under exceptional circumstances due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The games have turned into a “TV-only event” after the Japanese government banned spectators inside venues after imposing a state of emergency to control the spread of the deadly virus.

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