Fact or Fiction: Ohio State Rising Leader of the Zion Branch, his brother

National Recruitment Manager Competitors Adam Journey and hiring an analyst Adam Friedman along with Brian Moss from TigerSportsReport.com And the Joseph Hastings from BuckeyeGrove.com Address three topics in recruitment and determine whether or not they believe each statement.

1. Memphis is now the lead contender for QB Tevin Carter’s uncommitted three-star award.

Tevin Carter (Nick Lucero / Rivals.com)

Journey takes: Fiction. tiffin carter He lives in Memphis and has been to this campus a few times and was dumped for the coaches and is one of those quarterbacks who haven’t made a commitment yet, but I realized Georgia Tech He definitely took the lead in recruiting him after the show right after the 4th of July. I always felt Memphis It would be a backup option for Carter if needed, but that doesn’t seem like it anymore as Georgia Tech featured in his appointment.

Moss takes: Fiction. While it’s a fact that he loves Memphis and would like to be able to play in front of his family and friends, I don’t feel like Memphis is in the driver’s seat. His visit to Georgia Tech was impressive to him. I’m not quite sure that Memphis made Carter feel like a priority. When you see the comments Carter made about Georgia Tech, you feel the yellow vests make him feel like the priority. For me, Georgia Tech is the main contender to land a Carter.

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2. Ohio State stands out as the leader of the four-star DB Zion and his brother.

Zion Branch

Zion Branch

Journey takes: Reality. Four-star Security won’t announce its commitment for a few months, so a lot of things can still happen – and a five-star corner jackson tomorrow Branch recruitment is difficult USC – But I have a feeling the Buckeyes are holding on to the limit now. Relationships play a big role in Zion BranchHis decision he loves Ohio State The staff are highly sought after too. USC was a childhood favorite so I don’t count Trojans by any means and his other top schools have a chance too, but if the branch was committing today, I would choose Ohio. I’m not sure that will change in the coming months. his brother, ZachariasShe has many of the same options in the 2023 class and I have a feeling that playing together is important.

Hastings took: Reality. It would be hard to argue against saying a “truth” at this point in time. Ohio was already viewed by some, including myself, as the top two schools before he officially visited the first weekend of last month, but they gained a lot of momentum during and after that visit. Branch said after the trip that he “fell in love” with the school, his interactions with the coaches and players went very well, and the Buckeyes’ future showed him his love throughout the weekend.

Although I don’t have a FutureCast yet since the branch isn’t expected to decide for a few more months and USC comes in second, I think it’s safe to say Ohio should be considered the preferred at the moment. It also helps the program a lot that his brother Zakaria holds an offer from him Ryan DayEmployees. Led Box Brian Hartline, they recruit broad recipients arguably better than any other school in the country, and they hold a high position in the Zacharias mix. The two brothers in the branch want to go to the same college at the next level, so whoever gets to Zion might get Zacharias. It’s still young in its process, but I’ll give the Buckeyes the edge when viewing where they might end up being hired at the larger branch.

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3. After a summer of events, the wide receiver is the position in which most changes must be made in the next order.

Luther Bearden

Luther Borden (Sam Spiegelman)

Journey takes: Fiction. The wide receiver is going to be a position with a lot of changes and there could be some important moves for the players at the top but I go with the center back. This summer has been very enlightening and informative because events are back in full force and almost all of the best midfielders in the country have been seen multiple times. This helps greatly. There are some four stars that would definitely be in the five star discussion, maybe some kids that move around a bit, and definitely some three stars that are moving up and the struggle isn’t going to stop there. The receiver is a great place for movements but the quarterback might be larger.

Take Friedman: Reality. There will be more receiver position changes than any other position in the next Classification update for the 2022 Class. I’m not in a good position here because there are more receivers ranked than any other position. There are 95 receivers that are now rated and 32 of them are in the Rivals250. There are only 55 outside quarterbacks in the standings, only 21 in the Rivals250, and there are some very important changes that I expect to happen within the top 10. We’ve learned a lot about the best receivers and top-backs in the past month and there are still a few more weeks to collect data before the next rating update.

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