Hamilton tops Aston wish list; more technical signatures imminent

Lawrence Stroll says he “absolutely” wants Lewis Hamilton to drive for Aston Martin in the future as the team prepares to announce a new senior on the technical side.

Hamilton recently signed a new two-year contract with Mercedes and has been told he can drive for the defending champions for as long as he wants, but Stroll is trying to put together a team capable of winning titles in the next few years. To that end, he has already signed Sebastian Vettel and a host of big technical names from Red Bull, and the Aston Martin owner says Hamilton would also be on his list if it were available.

“Absolutely, you’re going crazy for not wanting Lewis to drive for you,” Stroll said, before saying Vettel is now delivering what he expects from the four-time world champion.

“Is (Vettel) our most expensive employee? Yes. How do I rate his season so far? I think started slowly and is currently up to speed and I think the slow start also had something to do with the problems we encountered during testing. First of all, it was only three days, and one and a half days out of the three days we had all sorts of faults in the car, so (there was) a lack of driving time. ”

While the Hamilton conversation is hypothetical, the appointments from Red Bull – including those like Dan Fallows – are very genuine, and Stroll says another name will be announced in the next few days as he targets the strongest technical team in F1.

“As far as plans for the future and going forward, like my track record, like pretty much every other business I owned, is winning,” he said. “In this case, winning in Formula 1 means world championships, and in the end, that’s what we strive for, and that’s what I strive for.

“Of course we all know very well that success in Formula 1 or any other business for that matter does not come overnight. It takes years to put the right people, the right tools, the right processes in place, but we build and invest in our team with the ambition of moving online online year after year, and our ultimate ambition is to win world championships.

“We are hiring brilliant new senior technical and engineering talent all the time, and the result will be a technical and technical strength in the company and a depth equivalent to, if not better, than any other Formula 1 team. We announce almost weekly now the hiring of brilliant new senior technical and engineering talent, and by the way, this week we will announce another very high member of another team who joins us … ”

There will also be a brand new wind tunnel built as part of Aston Martin’s expansion. Work on a new plant began recently and is expected to be completed by the end of the 2022 season.


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