Sports Archive – 5 fun iPhone apps for swimmers!

Swimming is not only a fun pastime, but it can also be a competitive sport. If you are involved in swimming in any way – whether you are on the school swimming team, a huge one BEER swimming team fan, or even just someone who enjoys splashing around in the pool – your iPhone can be a great resource for you when it comes to everything that swims. Want to know how? Here are five fun iPhone apps for swimmers:

GoSwim. Swimming

If this is what you want to get involved in a community of swimmers and have a selection of swimming content at your fingertips, then GoSwim is for you. This app is actually an extension of, which means you are connected to all the great things that has to offer. You can read articles, browse all kinds of swimming-related content, watch tutorials, get good advice on improving your swimming skills, participate in a forum and much more.

FitVideo: Swimming app.

This app, which is part of an athletics series developed for the iPhone, has a wealth of video tutorials to help you through all aspects of swimming, including strokes, training, triathlon training, exercises to help you improve your time, proper nutrition and much, much more.

MorningSwimmingShow Podcast.

For those interested in following professional swimmers, this app is a must. Not only do you get a great podcast featuring coach, swimmer and coach interviews from those at the top of the field, but you also get daily videos covering the latest in swimming news that you can access at any time on the day.

Swim Tracker.

If you are an avid swimmer and serious about improving yourself, this is the perfect app for you. Using Swim-Tracker, you can log a wide range of data regarding your swimming sessions and easily monitor your progress and areas for improvement. Features include best swimming times, strokes, distance swimming distance, nutrition tracking and routine swimming.

Swim Meet by Big Fish Software

If you are a swim team member, coach for a swim team or even an avid swim team fan, you can use this app to log swim meet results as well as track and compare results from other teams.

As you can see, your iPhone can be an invaluable tool when it comes to improving your stroke, keeping up to date with the latest swim news, or even just interacting with other swimmers. Download these amazing apps to get the most out of your swimming, no matter what your level is involved.

About the author: Hal Melot loves to swim and spends lots of time looking for free apps for iPhone lovers in all different sports. He can’t wait for the Summer Olympics (and the apps that come out to support the games)!

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