Watch: Messi prevents his Argentine colleague from mocking Brazil after the final

Barcelona Legend Lionel Messi showed his great sportsmanship after helping Argentina beat Brazil in the Copa America final.

After losing the 2014 World Cup final and three Copa America finals, Messi could not hide his feelings when the referee blew the full-time whistle at the Maracana stadium.

The 34-year-old obviously enjoyed the historic victory but found the time for it Condolences to his former Barcelona teammate Neymar after the match.

But Rodrigo de Paul, heading to Atletico Madrid, Who helped the winner Angel Di Maria, they tried to start singing a song that mocked their fierce opponents.

After briefly cuddling his indoor home against ColombiaMessi wanted to be respected and quickly asked DePaul to stop signing the cheer.

“The happiness is enormous,” Messi told reporters. ā€œI dreamed about this many times. I had great confidence in this group that has become so strong since the last Copa America. ā€œIt is a group of very good people, who are always moving forward, never complaining about anything.ā€

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