Why the Dortmund boss’s words about Erling Haaland are actually good news for Chelsea – Talk Chelsea

First of all, I would ask you to remember all the words that the manager, owner and boss of Bayer Leverkusen said about Chelsea’s persecution of Kai Havertz last summer before he read on.

They basically said he was not for sale and did not want to go anywhere.

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Fast forward one summer, Chelsea are now trying to get a crazy deal to sign Dortmund striker Eling Haaland, which admittedly still seems like a very tough task.

However, the stars in my opinion have really started to adapt to this deal and it is even without today’s news that Haaland refuses to answer and just smiles when asked if he will stay at Dortmund this summer.

Prior to this, both Dortmund sporting director Michael Zorc and new director Sebastian Kehl spoke publicly about Haaland.

Instead of being ‘he’s not for sale at any cost’, which even still will not always mean it is true, but they have both been very structured and tactical in their words.

Kehl, for example, even mentions Chelsea’s name, acknowledging their interest. It suggests something more has happened behind the scenes, and Chelsea are at least trying here.

“Haaland to Chelsea? I read about it, but for us, nothing has changed: we have plans with Erling for next season, he and his agent are aware of it. We’ve expecting him back this week. ”- Kehl.

We ‘EXPECT’ him back this week is also important. The ‘PLANNÆGER’ with Haaland are again, very telling words.

To sum it up, it means to me that they completely leave the door open for Haaland to still leave this summer and leave for Chelsea.

This is not to say that it will be done, of course we all know that Chelsea will have to pay the fee if they want to sign him, but all these things over the last few days and the more and more transfer reports that are coming out about it and people talking about it is, in my opinion, only a very positive sign of Chelsea’s persecution.

However, you must not get Haaland on the back of your shit yet!

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