Best Supporting Player Award – Carla Suarez Navarro

at 32Carla Suarez Navarro’s career spans 18Years starting with ITF tour in 2003. I have achieved both Women’s Tennis Association No. 6 singles and no. 11 Rank doubles. Tennis has a bad habit of not celebrating those who haven’t reached the top, no. 1. Perhaps it is time to rethink this default. Ask any top-10 Player about the severity of their climb will get you guilty. Also, consider the odds of achieving it from ITF to me Women’s Tennis Association tour in 14– years old.

After her battle with cancer, Carla returned to star in Roland Garros. She has now made her last appearance at Wimbledon where she fell to Ash Party. (By the way-Thank you Ash for getting to know her.) Carla owns 47 The appearance of a grand slam with 7 Quarter-finals and 9 a tour-16 finishes. While she does not have a huge souvenir treasury, her ability to compete with the best, her backhand strike, and her intangible achievements are numerous.

Measurement 54The Spaniard has faced tough opponents throughout her career using successfully chosen defensive tactics. The most battles have been fought in the “Williams Sisters Era” win over the following winners Women’s Tennis Association Notables at different stages of their careers:

4Dr wins. Venus Williams (No. 1)

3Dr wins. Kerber (No. 1)

5Dr wins. Halep (No. 1)

4Dr wins. Svitolina (No. 3)

2Dr wins. Wozniacki (no.1)

6Dr wins. Kvitova (No. 2)

3Dr wins. Kuznetsova (No. 2) and beat Muguruza (No. 1), Yankovic (No. 1), Radwanska (No. 2) & More.

Quote from the previous we Open Champion, Sloane Stephens, “We all love it and love having it around.” Carla is respected and appreciated by her peers. She shared this after receiving support from Halep during her time away, “It’s very special, I’ve known Simona for a long time. Also the rest of the guys during my treatment call me, asking a lot about how I feel. I really feel that respect, it’s been such a positive thing that has given me a lot of energy.”

Every day, there are debates raging about when Serena and Roger will retire. While it’s an emotional topic, let’s also remember those who announced their last stand. Carla stated that her final match will be in we. Open, final decision. Such as President Getting ready for the Big Lady event, I think the two-time quarter-finalist deserves a curtain call. As a consummate competitor, Carla embodies humble personality, great heart, competitive spirit, maximizing potential, and sportsmanship. Regardless of the outcome, she is smiling.

Mind you, her talk 3– The set of loss at Wimbledon was for the eventual champion, Ash Party (after Dr. Cancer). One wonders how far Carla might have gone if she had “had a tie”. However, she did not live there. Instead, she appreciated, saying, “Wimbledon makes me a really good gift…I’m the happiest player in the tournament for sure.”

On the Spanish part of her Wimbledon press, she broke down in tears. While several players were finishing it, they paused, walking. With her heart fully opened, she bravely continued as she did many times in difficult moments especially in returning from Hodgkin lymphoma.

Passion is the jewel of sport. In tennis, career retirement is often ‘blurred’ and the goal is missed. This is an opportunity. Despite the traditions, unforgettable celebrations should be well thought out. Tennis players dedicate their lives to this sport. Many of them start old 3 or 4. They leave behind not just a career, a tennis family, a whole way of life, a way of life.

The final moments, a round of applause, a visual walk in review, a farewell from colleagues on the field, a final highlight, and a chance to address the crowd, even in the event of defeat, seems fitting.

Let’s take a page from NBA the retirement. These celebrations are for the fans as much as they are for the player. It creates priceless and lasting memories for sports fans. It is an occasion full of love. Tennis is an individual sport but without a support team it fails. he is 15th– Too many minutes to order those who have served their sport in an exceptional way?

Carla won’t go down in history as the best on the tour, but quoting a fan, “a man who loved her.”

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