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Volleyball players in Columbus High stop for a photo together earlier this week at the Creighton team camp. Pictured, back row from left, Eli Thompson, Logan Cables, Addison Johnson, Cassidy Hesterman, Alyssa Durau, and team manager Hannah Kwabniewski. Front row, from left, Claire Rayner, Abby Lovellholz, Carly Gaedick and Olivia Thiege.

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Columbus High Volleyball spent the summer selecting players to complement the remaining four who spent a lot of time playing.

CHS graduated five from last year’s team and called out the starting player, two hitters, and a center and defensive specialist. Those who kept playing as hitter and hitter and in the back row. But it’s not as simple as finding another hitter or two and a new middle.

The physical size of Columbus will be significantly reduced, and there is no clarity yet on running an offense with a single player or using a 6-2.

These questions may have to wait for an answer in the fall. In the meantime, while looking for solutions, everything is on the table. Fortunately, the girls understand the situation and give coach Jerry Oten their best as a certain amount of uncertainty looms.

“It’s basically a whole new group. We’ll have a new setter, a new centre, a new outside team, a new right side, potentially making us 6-2, who knows, depending on what situation he turns into,” Otten said. “It’s kind of airy. But in terms of experience and confidence, I feel these seniors are ready to go.”

The remaining four who played useful time during the 10-18 season are Alyssa Durao, Josie Jarrett, Logan Capples and Claire Renner. Kapels and Renner played in the back row, Garrett swung as the outside hitter and Dorau was set in the middle. But taking on these roles until 2021 is only a foregone conclusion.


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