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Phoenix Suns assistant Willie Green nears deal with New Orleans Pelicans | Basketball Insiders

In tonight’s game 4 game of 2021 The NBA FinalsThe Milwaukee Bucks even aim the series in their court versus the Phoenix Suns. The game starts at 9:00 PM ET. Return Pettus, the best local currency cash line is +160, while the line is set to -180 for Suns currency. In addition, the total was set at 220.5. Furthermore, star players with injuries and missing matches have been a major theme for multiple teams throughout the 2020-21 NBA season. Uncertainties, such as injuries and cases of COVID-19, have greatly affected betting odds across the board. However, it is fun to gamble with support bets.

Anyway, two-time Milwaukee MVP winner and points leader, Giannis Antetokounmpo, is averaging 12.9 rebounds and 29.2 points per game this season. In the Bucks’ 120-100 victory over the Phoenix Suns in Game 3, Giannis finished with 41 points, 6 assists, and 13 rebounds over a 38-minute playing period. On the flip side, Suns goalkeeper Chris Paul finished the regular season, averaging 16.4 points, 4.5 rebounds, 8.9 assists, and 1.4 steals per game. Both players are expected to dominate the stat sheet and meet the predictions in Game 4.

Below are the top 5 NBA betting tips Tonight’s game.

Milwaukee Bucks – 20.5+ points per quarter (-250)

The Milwaukee Bucks scored 105 points in Game 1, 108 points in Game 2, and 120 points in Game Three. They scored as many as 29 points in the final quarter of Game 1. According to TeamRankings, Milwaukee averaged 30.1 points in the first quarter in the regular season, ranking third overall in the NBA. In Game 2, the Bucks scored 33 points in the third quarter and 30 points in the fourth. We have to mention that this team has been more than capable of outperforming their opponents throughout the season. Their home record is 34-11, and their “deer fear” campaign is still alive.

Having said that, in the second quarter of Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the Bucks only scored 16 points. So far, this was the only quarter in the series that Milwaukee failed to score at least 20 points against the Suns. When it comes to private and detail-oriented betting, it is crucial that bettors analyze every little detail. Moreover, it is also important to note that the coins range between $43 and $49 in spread. They are 56-26 shortlisted candidates this season, and the team is 3-7 as underdogs. He went total points in four of Milwaukee’s previous six games. Despite this quarter, which could have just been a fluke, it’s definitely better to take that bet. The league prefers high-score play nowadays.

Giannis Antikonmo – under 34.5 points (-115)

In the first game of the NBA Finals, despite being listed as questionable on the injury report, Giannis still scored 20 points, had 17 rebounds, and had 4 assists in 35 minutes of play. He suffered a severe left knee injury in the Eastern Conference Finals, in the Bucks’ 110-88 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Fast forward to Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Antetokounmpo’s total score is set at 26.5. Last Thursday, Milwaukee lost 118-108, but “The Greek Freak” scored 42 points. Likewise, in last Sunday’s game, he had a whopping 41 points in Match 3.

These stats explain why his Game 4 score is currently set at 34.5. Not to mention that the Bucks are 8-1 at home in the playoffs. They are a huge force in the Fiserv forum. However, the Suns only suffered their fifth loss on Sunday. So far, they have not lost in consecutive games after the season. While Phoenix has had its fair share of underperforming all around here and there, bettors should expect the team to improve defensively for game four. It’s a fair bet.

Deandre Ayton – Over 16.5 points (-113)

Deandre Ayton finished the 2020-21 regular season, averaging 14.4 points, 10.5 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game. Eaton played 69 games for the Phoenix last regular season, which is certainly an improvement over his 38 appearances in the 2019-20 season. However, in the NBA Finals series against the Bucks, he averaged 18.5 points, with a field goal percentage of 71.4 percent.

In Ayton’s Game 3 performance, he finished his night with 18 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 steals. Additionally, Ayton earned his 13th double of the season in Game 3. The 6’11-inch Bahamian center proved to the basketball world as a major contributor to the Suns, especially for much-needed rebounds. For Game 4, Ayton has high chances of finishing his performance by more than 16 points, even if he has another lackluster first half.

Brock Lopez – Over 15.5 points and rebounds (-120)

In the 2020-21 regular season, Brock Lopez finished with a statistic average of 12.3 points and 5 rebounds. Against the Phoenix Suns this season, Lopez averaged 8.5 points and 5.5 rebounds per game. In Game 3, he scored 11 points and finished with 2 rebounds. Now, based on 21 minutes of play, he could put in more than 20 points occasionally, but his minutes are limited.

In Game 1, Lopez scored 17 points and had 6 rebounds, based on 23 minutes of playing time. Another thing to think about is litter time points. He also leads the team in blocks, accumulating 1.7 per game. Game 4 might be one of those must-win games where Lopez plays more minutes to help defend the edge against the Suns’ Deandre Ayton. Take charge of this specific promotional bet.

Chris Paul – over 21.5 points (-120)

Chris Paul played 70 regular season games. He averaged 16.4 points, 4.5 rebounds, 8.9 assists, and 1.4 steals. Statistically, his season average is the lowest since his performance in the 2018-2019 season over the Houston Rockets (15.6). However, in Game One of the NBA Finals versus the Bucks, Paul finished with 32 points, 4 rebounds, and 9 assists. This means that he also played 37 minutes in the first game.

To add to the above stats, in Game 2, he scored 23 points, 4 rebounds and 8 assists in 41 minutes of playing time. In the Suns’ 20-point loss in Game 3, Paul put in 19 points and 9 assists, in 34 minutes of play. All things considered, betting is more than a reasonable bet. Chris Paul is hungry for his first ring. This is his 16th season in the league and his first World Cup appearance, and he was no younger. Bettors should expect another noteworthy offer.

Other Wanted Bovada Specials – Odds +500+ and less

Each quarter is more than 45.5 points -200
Giannis Antikonmo more than 31 points and Khris Middleton 21+ points -175
Phoenix Suns more than 20.5 points per quarter -175
Chris Middleton has 5+ assists and miles. to win -105

* Odds retrieved from

In conclusion, several of these are listed NBA betting Prop bets are attractive to quick-witted bettors. Pay close attention to details, keeping in mind that data can change over time. Play it safe when necessary, but in the end, take some risks when no one else is around. Rewards are rewarding.

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