Several 911 calls from wife reveal that Richard Sherman was suicidal, drunk

A 911 call from Richard Sherman’s wife, Ashely, reveals details just before his arrest, where he was drunk and suicidal.

Free agent cornerback Richard Sherman was arrested on suspicion of burglary after he was arrested at his wife’s parents’ residence in Seattle, Washington early Wednesday.

A 911 call made by Sherman’s wife, Ashley, shows her explaining to a sender, the former 49er was drunk and threatened to kill himself while in physical contact with relatives.

To begin with, it’s pretty amazing how fighting the 911 sender was in a state of emergency. You would think she would have been better prepared and experienced to handle calls that understandably would be concerned in a situation like this. The sender’s answer was ignorant, and hopefully no one else at the other end of such calls will have to go through.

Either way, it should go without saying the details of the Sherman 911 call go beyond football.

“My husband is drunk and belligerent and threatens to kill himself,” Sherman’s wife told the 911. “He’s aggressive, he’s trying to leave the house … he’s texting people who say he will hang himself. “

The NFL recently released a series of videos in support of mental health awareness last May. Among NFL staff talking about the importance of this topic is former backback Michael Robinson.

A call from 911 reveals details of Richard Sherman’s arrest

Robinson spent four seasons in Seattle and was teammates with Sherman from 2011-2013.

“I hope to reach out to some of the older ones who say young people are punk or soft to express their feelings,” Said Robinson. “I hope to address the old culture of what being a man is. I grew up in that culture and it created some trauma in my life. I learn from my kids how to open up. I’m learning to talk to my wife about things. It’s such a macho environment. I have to be tough. I am invincible, nothing can break me down. The same person who seems invincible could cry at night but afraid to talk about it. ”

Whatever Sherman goes through, hopefully he gets the support he needs to overcome the battles he faces.

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