The Lakers don’t have what it takes to get the Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Pool The New Orleans Pelicans have been embroiled in countless trade rumors this season. Almost every team seems to have associated with it at some point, although most of them don’t make much sense and may just be from one of the camps.

With rumors circulating that the Pelicans are not interested in matching the Lonzo Ball’s high bid, signings and trading will become a possibility, although these are very rare and bring their own complications, as the signing team is then hard-earned for the season, which is why rarely Talk.

Latest rumor It came from Mark Stein Who said the Los Angeles Lakers might have some interest in bringing Lonzo Ball back to Los Angeles, something I’m sure their Lakers fans would love.

The ball has also been linked to the Bulls and Clippers, which makes more sense than the Lakers. Here’s why that doesn’t happen.

Pelicans: Lakers don’t have cover space for Lonzo Ball

If the Lakers try to keep Lonzo Ball away from the Pelicans, they will have to do so by making him an offer that the Pels don’t want to match. I don’t know how ready the pelicans are to rise, but I imagine it will take a decade to start $20 million in annual range to get them to walk away.

How exactly does the Lakers present that? They’ve already entered the luxury tax and only have seven men on contract for next season. They might be able to trade Montrezl Harrell or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to clear some space but that likely won’t be enough to sign another Max player.

Pelicans: Signing and trading with the Lakers for the Lonzo Ball is tough too

Like I said, the Pelicans may have no interest in signing and trading the Lonzo Ball and the only reason is that they’ll get a good player in return.

Who exactly will this player be? The two most obvious candidates, Taleen Horton Tucker and Dennis Schroeder, are both free agents, and would require their own signature and circulation, further complicating matters.

Other than that, the Lakers simply don’t have the players to get the Lonzo Ball in a deal, so I can’t see a realistic way for that to happen.

The Pelicans might end up walking away from the Lonzo Ball or they could move him in a deal, but that’s unlikely to lead to him joining the Lakers.

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