Finland’s Sanna Nuttinen enjoys the chance to play in her home country on the LET Ladies European Tour (LET) at the Gant Ladies Open.

Aura Golf is hosting the eighth event of the 2021 LET season that sees 112 players from 28 countries play in 54 holes.

With a busy season so far, the Helsinki native is grateful to spend a week in Finland and is looking forward to being able to play at home on LET.

“It’s really nice to be in Finland because it’s my first time competing here as a LET pro. We’ve played some events here in the LET Access Series and I have really good memories of that. My season is very busy at the moment, a lot of travel and with the Majors and Tokyo coming in. Good to be in Finland for one week, said the 30-year-old.

“Life on the road this year has been great. It’s been stress-free because I mostly hit the middle of the bats and hit a lot of greens and trails. I have family and friends coming in to watch and my coaches and physiotherapist are here at the same time so it’s a good preparation week too” .

Nuutinen has had an exceptional season so far with six places in the top ten in the LET and finished second in the 2021 race standings to Costa del Sol and the LET Solheim points standings.

The Finn will start her first round at 8.56 am from 10The tenth She will compete with fellow countrywoman Matilda Castrin and Englishman Alice Hewson.

“It’s nice to play with Alice again because she’s right there in the Solheim Cup fight. I’m excited to play Matilda because we haven’t played together since we were amateurs and I’ve seen her LPGA results, so I want to see what’s so good about her game,” She said.

“On this course you need to hit it right off the tee and the greens aren’t too big either. There isn’t much space especially in the areas where they can put the pins, so I would say the middle of the green all day every day is good here.”

Another Finn hoping for a good week at home is Ursula Wikström, who finished season two at the 2021 Italian Women’s Open.

She explained:It’s been ten years since we’ve played here, so it’s kind of nice to host other players in my home country. The track seems to be in really good shape and the weather is great, so I’m very proud that we had a championship here.”

Wikström will play alongside 2021 race leaders to the Costa del Sol, Athaya Titikul, who won the Czech Women’s Tipsport Women’s Open, and Marian Scarpenord – who won the singles event in the Aramco Team Series – London last week.

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