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Too early for next season’s starting lineup

The New Orleans Pelicans made their first out-of-season spray trade, sending in Eric Bledsoeand Steven Adams and the Grizzlies’ 10th pick for Jonas Valanciunas and the 17th pick.

Not only was it a step out of two players who were in poor condition, but a file must also be opened Tons of pelican cover space Depending on what they do with their buddies.

I’d like to take a look at what the starting lineup might depend on whether or not they re-sign Lonzo Pool Or find a free, big-name proxy instead.

Let’s start with the first scenario.

New Orleans Pelicans: Possible starting lineup with Lonzo Ball

The Pelicans have willingly ditched Eric Bledsoe, which should open up more minutes and opportunities for some of their guards.

Hiring Willie Green It would help, too, as he wouldn’t be tempted to leave Bledsoe in the starting lineup as Stan van Gundy inexplicably did all last season.

If Pels re-signed Lonzo, here’s what the five starters could look like.

  • PG: Lonzo Ball
  • Secretary-General: Nickel Alexander Walker
  • Sixth: Brandon Ingram
  • PF: Zion Williamson
  • A: Jonas Valanciunas

This lineup shouldn’t have as many spacing issues as Pels had with Bledsoe and Adams, and it will play the tempo and should be much better than behind the 3-point line, although shooting will still be a concern.

Lonzo and the NAW are probably great defensively, but inconsistent shooting can overwhelm the Pelicans and still cause some spacing issues.

The squad is more dynamic in attack than last season but will likely struggle for stopping points, one of the Pelicans. Stark problems are heading into this off season.

But what if the Pelicans never signed Lonzo back?

New Orleans Pelicans: Possible starting lineup without Lonzo Ball

If the Pelicans decide to use their cover space elsewhere and ditch Lonzo, they could have up to $36 million to play with at a free agency.

This would give them a chance A guy like Kyle Lowry or Chris Paul has signed If they wanted to go in that direction, or signed up to two second-tier free agents to add depth. Let’s suppose for a second that they went with the first option and signed a guy like Laurie, and all of a sudden the first five started looking good.

  • PG: Kyle Lowry
  • Secretary General: NAW
  • Sixth: Brandon Ingram
  • PF: Zion Williamson
  • A: Jonas Valanciunas

This lineup offers more consistent goals, better driving and possibly better perimeter defense as well.

If the Pelicans can get Laurie on a one-year deal, as he has been doing with the Raptors, the Bills will risk nothing in the long run and might be able to make the playoffs with this mix of young talent and a shrewd veteran.

The New Orleans Pelicans can go a lot of ways, with or without Lonzo Ball, but either way, the start five will be better than it was last season.

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