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Buddy gives sick sports fans in Galway a boost after a week in hell

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After the shocking news this week that Joe Canning has retired from the intercity throwing team, we’ve dramatically lengthened their chances for the Galway big throwing team to win the coming years. All Ireland Championship. This is correct! We’ve boosted the odds on The Tribesmen from a short 11/2 price tag to a whopping one 50/1 Shots to win the 2022 title.

It’s been a terrible week for sports fans in Galway. In just four days, the football and throwing teams were eliminated from their respective tournaments, and the Galway Racing Festival had to kick off with a limited attendance of just 1,000 race-goers.

Then their most famous son, Joe Canning, announced that he was stepping down.

So, we’ve decided to give fans the opportunity to support their boycott in massive controversies, while praising Joe in a nod for the impact the record-breaking pitcher’s absence may have on the tribesmen. He’s the top scorer in Hurling Championship history after all!

Galway fans were sick when news of Canning’s retirement surfaced. And who can blame them? Joe Canning is the greatest shooter we’ve seen in a year in The Exorcist. But, our stomachs would be flipping if they finally laughed and lifted the Liam McCarthy Trophy next summer after viewing these possibilities.

We also sent a flyer around the streets of Galway on Friday to announce the move in the hope that their news will bring some joy to western Ireland.

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