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Covid news: Decision on booster jobs is expected within weeks – LIVE


decision on whether over 50s will get a third coronavirus job is expected to be made within weeks.

Ministers are said to plan to deliver an average of nearly 2.5 million third doses a week, with 2,000 pharmacies rolling out the scheme.

If approved, all people in the age group plus the clinically vulnerable in the UK are expected to be offered a booster vaccine before Christmas.

It comes as millions of people are under severe lockdown in China as the country struggles to contain its biggest coronavirus outbreak in months.

China reported 55 new locally transmitted coronavirus cases on Monday as an outbreak of the highly transmissible Delta variant reached more than 20 cities and more than a dozen provinces.

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Boris Johnson has said the government wants to “convert” the spread of the vaccine to a “rapid and sustainable” economic recovery

When he visited Airbus in Stevenage, the prime minister was asked by journalists what he would do to maintain conservative voters in the southern constituencies, due to a perception the PM was more focused on new Tory seats in the north.

Johnson said: “The only thing I want to say to everyone in the country is that we are in favor of jobs and growth across the UK. We have a great program to convert vaccine rollout to the fastest and most sustainable economic recovery we can. ”


Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK economy and society were “almost the most open in Europe” due to the spread of the vaccine, but travel caution was still needed.

He told reporters at Airbus in Stevenage: “When traveling, we have had to balance it because of the anxiety that I think many people have – I have – about importing new varieties and bringing the disease back.

“We also have to recognize that people badly want to go on summer vacation, we need to get the travel industry moving again, we need to get our city centers to reopen, and then we want an approach that is just as simple as we can possibly handle it. ”


Henry Smith: Adding complexity to international travel rules will deter people from booking tours

Conservative MP Henry Smith, chairman of the Future of Aviation Group, has said that adding complexity to international travel rules will deter people from booking tours.

Asked about the rumored yellow watch list – which would apply to countries at risk of being moved in red on the government’s international traffic light system – Smith warned of “wasting the successful rollout of the vaccine”.

In a speech to the PA, he said adding more complexity to the system “will just deter more people from booking international travel and will mean there is not an August of meaningful travel to save travel and aviation sector jobs”.

He said it risked “wasting the successful rollout of vaccines” and adding “we are becoming increasingly competitive disadvantage for many other countries that have opened up to international travel far more, many European countries and especially the US”.

Crawley MP, whose constituency includes Gatwick Airport, said: “If you add complexity to the international travel rules, people will simply choose not to book and it is detrimental to our economy, it is detrimental to families who have been separated for 18 years. months, and the travel and tourism sector, which does not have a meaningful summer of operation. ”


Johnson pushed for further easing of travel rules to save besieged industry


Hospital care standards ‘maintained’ in pandemic study


Unite union assistant general secretary urges the government to further support jobs in the travel industry

Diana Holland, Unite union’s assistant general secretary for civil air transport, called on the government to take further steps to support jobs in the travel industry.

She said: “The current traffic light system is not working and there is disagreement within the government on how to proceed.

“Although the situation remains uncertain and complex, the government must provide labor-saving support to our aviation and travel industry. “

While France and Germany had launched sector-specific support for the aviation industry, “the British civil air transport sector has softened jobs”, she said.

“As the summer season is almost ruined and travel is not expected to return to a sustainable level in the near future, the government must follow the leadership of our competitor countries and take steps to secure jobs and ensure that aviation can rebuild safely and sustainably for all our future. ”


Two days in the office will be ‘new normal’ after the pandemic


Hundreds of fraudulent claims for Covid passports were rejected

Nearly 300 fraudulent Covid-19 passport claims have been rejected in Northern Ireland.

The figure came after the region’s vaccination certification system was exposed to technical difficulties last week.

It was partially suspended on Tuesday after data sharing problems arose.

The new CovidCertNI app allows users to show proof of vaccination for international travel.

Dr Eddie O’Neill, who heads the program, said Monday that it is now “stable and running well.”

He also revealed that 294 applications where people have fraudulently tried to claim a certificate have been rejected.

“We had three people filing 38 applications between them and setting different vaccination dates each time,” he told the BBC.

But he said the program has issued 5,843 certificates in 27 and a half hours.


Hong Kong is asking officials to get vaccinated or pay for covid tests

Unvaccinated employees in Hong Kong will soon have to pay for regular Covid-19 tests.

The measures, which also apply to education and health workers, were announced Monday in an attempt to persuade more people to be vaccinated.

City leader Carrie Lam said: “If it is solely a personal opportunity not to be vaccinated and help the community achieve herd immunity, it is not something a responsible government should allow or tolerate.”

Hong Kong has recorded 56 days without local coronavirus cases, and life has largely returned to normal in the global financial hub, except that heavy travel restrictions apply and hotel quarantine is required for all arrivals.

Authorities were unhappy with the slow initial uptake of vaccines, though the number has improved in recent months after various companies announced a number of benefits for those taking vaccines, including a lottery prize for an apartment worth around £ 720,000.


Hospital standards maintained during pandemic, study shows

Care standards for hospital patients admitted with Covid-19 did not slip during the pandemic, a new study suggests.

More than three out of four people hospitalized with coronavirus received “good” or “excellent” care, according to a new review from the Royal College of Physicians.

Researchers examined the case records of 510 patients treated across 19 NHS trusts in the UK during 2020.

Overall, 96.5% were considered to have received adequate, good or excellent care, and for 77.4% the care was good or excellent.

It was considered bad for 3.5% of the patients.

Reviewers said that “very few cases of poor care” were “extraordinary given the enormous pressure very quickly put on the NHS at the beginning of the pandemic”.


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