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Deandra Dottin bat without a helmet in The Hundred; Referees fail to notice violation of ECB regulations

West Indies multi-talented Deandra Dottin took off her helmet during the final match of yesterday’s game at The Hundred. The London Spirit Women defeated the Northern Superchargers as they chased a total of 127 times with two balls to spare.

Much credit should be given to Doten who scored an undefeated half century. She scored 50 points from 34 balls just to take her side home. Her knock consisted of eight borders, two of which came at the last end.

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One of the most amazing events that occurred during the last period of play was Dottin taking off her helmet. While the bowler she was facing was an uninterrupted throw, it is always recommended for both men and women to wear some kind of protective headgear.

Although nothing happened to her as she hit two edges with her helmet, danger should have been avoided completely instead. The guidelines cited by the European Central Bank clearly state that referees should intervene and pause the match until Doten wears the helmet.

4.1 Match officials shall be responsible for ensuring that a headgear or (for wicket keepers only) a face mask is worn by each relevant participating cricketer when he/she performs any of the Regulated Activities (but shall not be responsible for ensuring that the head covering worn by a cricketer is The participant in question is a compatible headgear); And

4.2 In the event that a relevant participating cricketer fails to wear a head shield or face mask (for wicket keepers only) when pursuing an organized activity, the match officials shall not allow the match to continue.

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The referees did not stop the match and it continued until Dottin finished the chase with consecutive limits. While removing the helmet was a risky approach already taken by Dottin, it was the governors’ responsibility to be aware of the guidelines mentioned by the European Central Bank.

“It’s good to bring him home for the team, it was a bit of a struggle but I had to dig and find a way. We play with a determination that never says die, so I didn’t think there was a lot of pressure. Just stick to the basics.” [Target?] We pulled it off a bit, they were just a short walk away. [Feeling pressure?] I was a bit nervous and had to find a way to adapt, I’m in trouble now so you’ll see a lot. ‘, said Duten after being awarded the Star of the Match award.

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