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The Hundred MVP: Adam Milne and Jemima Rodriguez stay on top

With The Hundred moving into the second half of her debut season, who was the star of the performance?

Find out who is the Most Valuable Player of the Tournament (MVP) in both the men’s and women’s competitions, plus see who leads the race to score the most kicks and top the winning lists.

100 best player in the ranking

despite of David Willie Highest score 81 out of 45 and take two shares for nine runs, Adam Milne From Birmingham Phoenix is ​​still the best player, thanks to some great performances with the ball.

Not only did he have seven wickets to his name, but he was stingy with the ball.

Trent Rockets Spinner Rashid Khan In second place, ahead of his Afghan teammate Qais Ahmed who continues to impress him with the Welsh fire.

Adam Milne of Birmingham Phoenix, center, tops the men’s top 100 rankings with 67.5 points, ahead of Rashid Khan (left, 56.1) and Qais Ahmed (right, 54.6)

Jemima Rodriguez She still dominates the women’s MVP ratings.

Despite being on the losing side, the Northern Superchargers’ opening score of 57 of 44 balls against the London Spirit cemented their lead at the top of the MVP table by over 22 points.

However, the top three remained the same, with the captain of the Trent Rockets Nat Sever The second and the brave south Amanda Jade Wellington the third.

Women's MVP graphics: Nat Sciver (left), Jemimah Rodrigues (middle), AJ Wellington (right)
Jemima Rodriguez, center, advances to the top of the women’s top 100 rankings with 91.8 points, followed by Nat Skever (left) in second place with 69 points and third by Amanda Jade Wellington (right, 64.5).

The CricViz Most Valuable Player Model is a performance evaluation tool for Limited Cricket and The Hundred. The model ranks a player’s performance in batting, bowling, and fielding on a single scale. The model takes into account the place being played and the state of the match to more accurately reflect each player’s impact on the final score.

Most runs

Most runs in the women's 100: Rodriguez 223, Matthews 155, Sefer 136, Van Niekerk 120, Taylor 113Most runs in a men's 100: Duckett 191, Brook 175, Short 134, Bairstow 128, Livingstone & Malan 122

Most wickets

Most wickets in the women's hundred: Johnson 9, Wellington and Farrant 8, Davidson-Richards and Smith 7Most wickets in a men's hundred: Khan Rashid and De Lange all 8, Milne 7 and Nesham 6


If the men’s and women’s results are combined, which team will top the table…

Team accumulated points
1. Brave South 12
2. Northern Chargers 12
3. Trent Missiles 10
4. Invincible oval 9
5. Welsh Fire 8
6. Birmingham Phoenix 6
7. Manchester Originals 6
8. London Spirit 5

Statistics correct as of August 3, 2021

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